Getting your career moving will require a little more inner dialogue.
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Career in Motion...How to Get Things Moving in the Right Direction

Getting your career moving will require a little more inner dialogue.

If you want to get your career moving in the right direction, ask yourself this question: "What do I love about my work?". Your answer to this question can point you in the right direction to getting your career on the desired track. Whether you are looking for that big promotion, ready to leave for a new position, or wanting to start your own company, starting with what you love to do is always the right step. Your passion for your work will naturally shine through and others will take notice.

Getting your career moving will require a little more inner dialogue. You have to know who you are and be clear about where you want to go. Once you have the end in sight, start working backwards to create a strategic map that will help you achieve your dream job. Don’t lose sight of your map in your day to day work. Ensure that every week your are doing something to get you a little closer to your next step. It could be as simple as attending a networking event or as complex as a college course, never stop moving in the right direction.

Create your own personal brand. Ensure each project, each meeting, each sales call you take on has your "signature" all over it. Focus on the answer to the questions above, do what you love and do it amazingly well. Your supervisor, coworkers and clients should be able to recognize your work in an instant. Your personal brand should be reflected in everything you do, say and most importantly post not just in the office but outside of it too. If you want your boss to see you as loyal, strategic and willing to go the extra mile your behavior, attitude and actions must reflect those key words.

Now is the absolute best time to seize the opportunity a little extra work provides. Think of those extra hours as an investment in your future. Take on projects that relate to and expand on the work you love. Each new skill you learn is building your resume for the next step. Moving your career ahead may also mean it is time to take some calculated risks. A project that is a little out of your comfort zone can be the time for you and your personal brand to shine.

Successful people are never be too busy to listen. Use your networking skills, ask your human resources department or use social media to find a person you admire, a mentor, someone who has reached that next step and beyond. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little advice or guidance. A few cups of coffee with an effective mentor may teach you more than hours sitting in a classroom. Most people are happy to share their success stories and help others learn from their mistakes, they are just waiting to be asked.

When you are truly ready to start moving your career forward, take charge and make it happen, you are the only one who can.

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